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Rino de Boer


Designer & Content Creator - LivingWithPixels

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Hi, I'm Rino and I've been in design for over more than 10 years now. I started with design as a hobby, but I quickly realised that this was more than a hobby for me. So that's why I went to design school and studied: Communication and Multimedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Here I learned the behind the scenes of design process. Everything before the visual aspect of a design.

I was so passionate about it that I started a YouTube channel about design. This grew to a channel with more than 30.000 subscribers and 4 million total views.

Because of this YouTube channel I was approached by big influencers and brands, and I got the opportunity to start my own company and work for brands like: Coca Cola, ICI Paris XL, RTL and a lot of big influencers (with around 100k to 1m followers).

Because of these projects and the YouTube videos I've learned how to create in an efficient way, and most importantly: in real life scenario's. I create everything myself and I don't rely on templates, which gives me the freedom create whatever I want.

I've now started a new YouTube channel called: livingwithpixels where I share content about webdesign, UX, UI and business.

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