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Sr. Software Engineer - Android - BYJU'S The Learning App

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Rivu Chakraborty is a Google Certified Android Developer, Caster.io instructor, Sr. Tech Member of Institute of Engineers (India). Having total 7+ years of experience he is presently working as a Sr. Software Engineer (Android) at BYJU'S The Learning App. He has authored multiple Kotlin and Android Development books including Reactive Programming in Kotlin, Functional Kotlin, Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms with Kotlin and Coroutines for Android Developers.

Rivu considers himself a Kotlin and Android enthusiast cum evangelist, with around 4 years of Kotlin experience. Rivu created the KotlinKolkata User Group and before moving out to Bangalore, he had been the lead organizer for both Kotlin Kolkata User Group and GDG Kolkata.

Along with organizing events, he also speaks at events/conferences, including DroidJam India 2018 (India's premiere Android Conference), and a lot of meetups and DevFests all over India regularly

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