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Sammy Dolgin

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Owner/Data Science Consultant - Stepwise Data LLC

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Hi! I'm Sammy, Owner and Data Science Consultant at Stepwise Data LLC. I'm also a former Data Science Instructor at the NYC Data Science Academy. I have over 5 years of experience as an analyst in adtech, fintech, and edutech, in addition to having carried out data science projects as a consultant in the fields of health care, sports, and environmental sustainability, among others!

At the NYC Data Science Academy, I assisted over 50 data science students on a daily basis, leading frequent lectures and homework review sessions on Python and R coding fundamentals, statistical theory, data visualization, machine learning, and beyond. I served as a mentor to many of the students, which is something I take huge pride in. I've also worked as a private mentor for various graduate students as part of my data science consulting company. I hope to carry that experience over into the ways that I can benefit you and help you improve your skillset! My largest asset is my ability to break down complex and technical concepts into smaller, more comprehensible pieces, so if you're nervous about diving into data science, just know that I once felt the exact same way, and I hope I'm able to make the journey a little easier for you.

Thanks Sammy for your time, friendliness and insightful advice!

Testimonial by Marc from August 2020
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