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I have a passion for all things legal and business, melted together equals legal ops/regulatory/compliance management. I am the conduit between legal and business. I help corporations adhere to regulatory requirements. I'm a true technologist at heart and am big on execution! Project Management is my middle name and I excel at (and truly enjoy) cross-functional collaboration/projects!

I started my career at an estate planning law firm, honed my drafting and client facing skills. Jumped into contract review within the labor union space and was a part of the negotiation process with top management. Then landed into my journey of all things corporate law for small and large corporations within the fashion, insurance, and software industries.

My specialties include operationally navigating complex corporate structures, drafting legal documents, contract management, stock administration, and oversight into legal financials and operations. Passion for operations and strategic management!

Insanely obsessed with all things home improvement, Frye boots, pancake making, and The Royal Family! I show up to work with super focus and a fun personality.

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