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Seun Agbeye Quick Responder


Fullstack Software Engineer - OnCall Health

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As an ex-coffee barrister, a self-taught developer and a Bootcamp graduate, I know the importance of mentorships, apprenticeships, and guidance in becoming a successful software engineer. I have done this for myself and helped other people (mentees) do this in the past, and I think it is time for me to expand my horizon of mentees.

So, Seun is a full-stack software engineer with 3+ years of experience in frontend and backend web development with JavaScript and Python. He is an experienced engineer that has worked with companies such as Pluralsight, GitPrime, Andela, and Univelcity.

Recently worked with Pluralsight, where he was part of the Flow (Formerly GitPrime) team building an analytic software that helps engineering managers, CEOs, and team leads get insights on their teams' productivity and velocity.

He has also led one of Andela's apprenticeship team as a technical coordinator to build a slack bot for hot desk allocation and asset management tool that tracks all assets within the organization, for this project ETL was done to moved years of assets data tracked with spreadsheets unto the new platform.

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