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Starting up is hard. It is a unique process that can only be truly understood by going through it – sadly your personal relationships will struggle to understand this and your professional colleagues may not be as supportive as you would like.

Enter your Mentor.

Having someone who has been through the journey to guide you, hold you accountable but most importantly just someone that you can openly chat to is the most valuable investment one can make in themselves for this journey.

Most start-ups fail, the ones who don’t understand the value of surrounding yourself with great people.

Make yourself one of the winners.

What’s included in my Mentoring Programme:

• Start-Up Launch – practically taking your idea and turn it into a company. You will be guided towards the correct setup, Strategy, IT build, Marketing, Sales and Fundraising

• Support and task creation – sometimes people just need a little accountability to help keep them on track and have a second opinion on big decisions. Let someone who has been through all the pitfalls you could imagine give you the answer to avoid them

• Public promotion – all of my mentees get a Seed founder profile which is a great piece of PR to get you out there in front of the start-up eco system in a global start-up media outlet

• Once a month recorded Zoom call, WhatsApp voice note exchange and 24/7 e-mail support

• You are joining a community of founders – I bring together all my mentees into a supportive group and actively connect them.


I Founded the Start-Up Media outlet "Seed" ( and "Risum" (Sport Tech). Have launched previously in the Marketplace space (Crafts Covered) also Co-Founded Koala (TravelTech) and Kwaleö (FashionTech). In addition, I have previously been a strategy consultant at Deloitte, PwC and spent time working in Venture Capital - I pride myself on providing practical advice in an industry full of in-practical logic.

Having worked with dozens of start-ups over a 10 year period alongside my ventures and across many industries I have gained a unique insight into a range of sectors and know how to build a framework which allows for any founder to thrive/exit.

Some of the start-ups I have mentored:

Sputnik Education - Sputnik was an education company where students gained in-depth, working knowledge of UX/CX delivering real projects for companies.

MedQ - MedQ is a smart platform that helps healthcare professionals complete assessments using a three-step process: Select-Send-Analyse

BOXD - wellness shakes for women

LuckyFace - Luckyface was a beauty startup that helped people discover innovative Asian beauty products in the West.

GrownApp - the free financial planning service for people who can't afford financial planning services


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