Stuart Rothwell

Data Science & Analytics Consultant & Practitioner - Freelance

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I am a Data Science and Analytics professional with 20 years’ experience in the retail, consumer goods, government, insurance and financial services sectors. I have extensive experience applying a variety of machine learning methods (segmentation, regression modelling, clustering, decision trees) and industry standard analytical and data science technologies to manipulate and extract insight from big data.

I have grown and led analysis teams for organisations across the globe, hiring, designing and delivering tailored training programmes, as well as both formally and informally coaching and mentoring people. Many of the people I've mentored throughout my career remain close friends today.

My specialist skill is in understanding how organisations can extract value from data. I do this by focusing on how businesses will ultimately implement the output of data projects, and by helping people to put what can be complex analytical work into simple, actionable outputs.

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