Utsav Akhoury

Sr. Strategy Specialist - Cobalt.io

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With a background of solid engineering, I have tried to blend my career to be at the intersection of Technology & Business. I've been in the US for roughly 10 years and completed my undergrad from Georgia Tech & master's from UC Berkeley, both in the field of engineering. I've been fortunate enough to work with NASA in the field of technology & data and successfully transitioned to Strategy Consulting over the past 3 years. I have worked with multiple CIO's/CTO's across various industries in the realm of Strategy Development & Product Management. While strategy is important, execution of your strategy should be of significant focus to be able to grow in your career.

Recently made a big leap of faith to join a startup as a Strategy Specialist to drive projects around Customer Retention & be able to get into the mindset of the customer to solve their pain points. Going from a stable job to a startup environment is both exciting & terrifying, and I want to help others make that choice in their life.

I would love to help any international students trying to make their way into the US school/work ecosystem.


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