Vasily Belolapotkov

Tech Lead - IdeaFox

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I'm a full-stack developer with a strong IT background and software engineering best practices enthusiast.
I've spent 3+ years as a tech lead in an early-stage startup where I was responsible for the full tech stack of a cloud-based platform, delivering ideas from early concepts to end-users (into production).

I truly believe that software should be written by humans for humans (your fellow developers). That is why I pay a lot of attention to things like software design patterns, clean code and testing. Those software fundamentals can help developers quickly learn and understand any new technology. I can help mentees with improving those skills as well as learning specific concepts, tools and libraries.

My focus areas are JavaScript on both ends (front and back) and web applications development.
We can discuss software collaboration and communication tools and practices (e.g. using git, code reviews and agile processes) as well.

As a mentor, I cannot make decisions or set goals for you but I can help you with defining and reaching them.

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