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Senior Software Engineer @ Coinbase Amazon Microsoft
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👋 Hi!!! I run the Customer facing team @ Coinbase. I have previously worked for Amazon and Microsoft.
I am an offer holder from Facebook, Uber, Microsoft, Amazon, Coinbase, Atlassian and many reputed start-ups. I have taken 500+ interviews and mentored more than 130+ mentees. I have a strong track record of helping plethora of mentees land FAANG jobs, mostly in big tech.

As a mentee, you’ll have hands-on support from me. Our first call entails going through your expectations, understand each other and find the right wavelength to establish a strong connect. From there, I'll dive in with written notes and a structured plan. When you leave sessions, you'll know exactly what to do next and why.

As a mentor, I can help you:
- Become a leader and improve leadership skills
- Break into tech
- Connect with FAANG recruiters
- Navigate a career change into Frontend and Backend engineering role
- Prepare for interviews, whiteboard challenges, app critiques, etc.
- Develop in your current role and build a personal development plan
- Create a roadmap to grow in personal/professional aspects
- With mock interviews for software engineering roles
- Understand Data structures and algorithms
- Understand System design concepts
- Prepare for Behavioral interviews
- Architect large scale systems
- Review your code and pull requests
- Write industry level + production ready code
- Build side projects for skill enhancement
- By Pair-programming if you are facing a challenge and brutally blocked
- Provide right resources to learn a new skill/technology
- Improve soft skills and clear communication
- Setup for promotion to the next level by working on areas of growth
- Help hunt the right job, suggest relevant job positions
- Effective networking and connect with recruiters in my network

I don't provide help in the following matters:
- One's office work
- Freelancing work

I focus on being inquisitive, tailored to you, and above all collaborative. I'm super passionate about giving back, and shaping the future community of Full Stack engineers.

Let's connect!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhishek-somani/

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What mentees say



5 out of 5 stars

My introductory call with Abhishek was wonderful. He carefully listened to what I had to say about my experience and background to really get a sense of who I am, where I come from professionally, and what I need to work on. Even as an introductory call, Abhishek took a keen interest in my goals and job preferences and cleared out some preconceptions I had about what I was looking for. He was very organized and made sure to hit all the important points that will be useful going forward in the mentorship and personalize the curriculum.



5 out of 5 stars

Thoughts after one month of mentorship: - Abhishek's passion for tech seeps through every call. - Very responsive on chat - Writes clear roadmaps according to mentee's preferences - Adopts a flexible approach and continuously explores career paths with mentee - Suggests learning resources that are both directly relevant (e.g. online tutorials) and indirectly relevant (e.g. tech documentaries)



5 out of 5 stars

Abhishek is a great guide. He's detailed, methodical in his approach, and transparent about how he reaches conclusions. He's very organized, empathic, and reassuring. There were no airs around him, and absolutely no pressure from him. My favorite part of working with him is that he seeks to understand your motivations before making recommendations. He's actively working in his mentee's best interests and consulting a wide range of resources to give you the best roadmap. I got the career clarity I was looking for, with clear steps on what to do next, thanks to Abhishek. Highly recommend!

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