Read on if you are someone who's willing to start/boost your career in the marketing/growth space.

Before I give you a brief about my professional stints so far, it is important that you know that I've run a successful 3-month project where I helped 100+ undergraduates & working professionals to make more aware and smart career choices. In a way, this will be an opportunity for you to follow a structured & holistic approach to get the desired results.

I firmly believe that every individual deserves the clarity and understanding of different career options in this ever-changing world. I believe in making students more aware of different career choices so that they can grow into self-aware individuals who chose a profession that aligns with their heart, head & soul. You don’t have to go with the flow. Become aware, then choose & rejuvenate.

The intent behind mentoring students is really close to my heart as I was a lost student too at one stage. Hoping to meet some like-minded folks who have the required passion and just need the right direction and push.

About Me:

I am a Mechanical Engineering Graduate (2018) with 3+ years of a rich fulfilling professional learning experience at India's two leading Growth Agencies - Growisto & Amura Marketing Technologies.

Currently, I lead Growth & Product at a high-growth ed-tech startup. You can read more about me on my LinkedIn here -

Looking forward to getting in touch with you :)

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