Ana Spiridon

Senior Software Engineer @ Gousto
10+ years in Software Engineering, 8+ years leadership and mentoring
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Hello there, I’m Ana!
Being a software engineer is challenging! A lot of software engineers suffer from imposter’s syndrome, specially at the beginning of the career.
I’ve been there and done that, I’ve struggled, I’ve been insecure and it was hard to find the right information on Stack OverFlow and Reddit threads.
Now that I have gathered this information through my experience I would like to share it with others and hopefully make their journey more enjoyable. :-)

Just a little introduction on myself:

I have an engineering degree in computer science and I’ve been working as a software engineer for 10 and a half years.
I have been doing backend software development using PHP and Python amongst many other technologies, combining soft and technical skills to turn business requirements into technical solutions.
I have been also leading and mentoring teams for 8 years.
During my extensive experience in software engineering I worked in various technical industries, such as digital agency, fintech, e-commerce, educational tech and meal kits industries.
I enjoy solving technical problems, I have a very proactive nature, always looking to improve processes and my soft skills help me communicate and collaborate well with peers and stakeholders enabling me to bring value to all projects I'm involved in.

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