I mentor to help folks to navigate the industry. I've done this for about 9 people over the last 2 years, and the feedback I've gotten keeps me interested and engaged in doing more. I've been part of the technical recruiting industry (early employee at Hackerrank), seen work at scale (at Google), and grown in between those.

What's kind of mentorship can you expect:
- Building a functioning team - and solving the challenges on the way there.
- Building for remote work, hybrid environment, and finding succeed in the chaos.
- Identifying your leadership style, and leaning into it for more leverage.
- Identifying and growing a team and organization's culture
- Planning professional growth with specific milestones and timelines.
- Industry specific brainstorming and coaching: Web, saas, recruiting are three areas I have expertise in.

What mentorship am I unable to provide:
- Interview preparation.
- Specific knowledge of existing/previous work history.

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