Anna Voznaya

IT Business mentor and neurocoach, top manager in IT, managerial partner, investor
Helping IT business owners and managers grow their business, products, managerial skills using neurocoaching
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With more than 14 years of managerial and business achievements in the Informational Technology field, my role is constantly improving cooperation, integration, and customer relationships, mainly in the digital health area.

I consult tech companies and mentor their owners to build tech products and/or processes that help their businesses grow.

I apply a combined approach to Customer Satisfaction as a system of processes covering account management and clients' business evolving through building a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

Also, I'm a co-founder of an intellectual discussion club, an early investor in an IoT agri-tech startup, an NFT-based art project founder, and an entrepreneurial neurocoach passionate about seeing the beauty of growth. My goal is to have top managers and business owners serve their missions while staying healthy and well-being.

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