I have 10+ years of working in successful and failed startups with focus on DataEngineering, MachineLearning. I have deep understanding of SaaS products. In last year or so I have focused myself on clean-tech (climate-tech, clean-energy, climate-crisis).
I am leading engineering teams and projects for years.
I have work experience in USA and Canada.
I'm an angel investor in multiple startups in North America.
I mentor very early stage co-founders.

I'm interested in guiding anyone in general on how to be better humans through day to day work. This includes working together with people from different backgrounds, lead teams and projects, lessen ego, being mindful, becoming emotionally intelligent, levelling up your skills, using your skills for better impact.
I love to guide on handling priorities, money fears, rat race, career and life goals.

Note: I'm not interested in or look for leetcode grinding although writing good code is must have for good engineers.

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