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I’m a software developer and software engineering leader with a focus on B2B SaaS startups, data analytics, marketing tech, and payments, with roles ranging from software engineer to CTO. I’m currently working in the Engineering department at Relay Payments, building out a payment network for the logistics industry. In the past, I’ve built software at Matcha, Umbel, and, among others.

My technical expertise skews towards backend web development, databases, and DevOps, but I began my career more than 15 years ago and have worked in a wide range of technologies and platforms. I've spent a lot of my career focused on problems relating to data analytics, third-party javascript, and web performance.

Whether you're an aspiring engineer trying to break into the industry, an experienced engineer making a plan to level up in a specific area, a first-time engineering manager with a software engineering background, or a startup founder, I'd love to work with you to make a plan for moving you closer to your career goals.


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