Bharat Gulati
 Quick Responder

CEO @ Crownstack Technologies

I'm the Co-Founder of Crownstack. I grew this company to 100 people in 4 years with 0 funding and 100% outbound sales.

Challenges I faced during initial stages and that I can help you with

> Most Sales Gurus don't understand budget constraints of a Seed or Series A/B funded startup
> Most of them are able to do sales but only when backed by a big name like Facebook/Microsoft but were of no help when I wanted to create processes for my own startup.
> Sales closure is pretty easy. Its the Lead Generation Engine that makes or breaks Startups. That requires some serious processes.

I have mentored many funded tech startups in US and Europe.

Ask me anything about startups, international sales, how to get invoices cleared, sales processes, retaining clients, strategy, product development, agile methodologies.

Focus Areas
> B2B sales
> High Dollar Value Lead Generation
> Staff augmentation and tech outsourcing
> Product Feedback (I have worked with 100+ Product Startups in many industries)

I am in USA quite a lot for closing sales and meeting funded startups so we might meet over a coffee too.

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