With a passion for innovation, I believe in the power of technology to meaningfully disrupt the future of human behavior. When building products, my goals are to create seamless human-like experiences, infusing empathy into the features I build. I look forward to identifying non-traditional yet strategic paths when problem-solving and value diverse opportunities that require me to apply and develop a range of skills from different industries. I believe in the power of being a multi-disciplinary engineer because it allows me to draw from a bigger and deeper pool of knowledge, to think beyond the expected, to come up with the problems we did not realize existed, and most importantly fuel the fire of innovation. This is the uniqueness I bring to my work that I hope to channel & unlock within you as well, to help boost your career growth and accelerate your potential!

TLDR: Head of Growth & Drops for RCRDSHP (NBA TopShot for EDM). Ex-Apple Pay Engineering, Apple Applied Machine Learning, Nike Metaverse & Technology Innovation, JPMorgan Big Data Analytics & Consumer FinTech. I can apply to any industry and any size!

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