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Stanislau Malyshau 

Software Engineer - freelance
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I am a Software Engineer from Belarus(well-known country because of it's strong developers), professionally engaged in Java. I have invincible desire to teach you something new and lead to highest goals and aims. I believe that everyone can become a good programmer. But the main components of success are DISCIPLINE and someone who can show you the right way. And also can turn you to the right direction.

I swear that i'll do it .
Ask me for help . Java 11 , Spring 5 , Hibernate ,SAP ...

Engineering & Data javahybrisspringhibernate
7 Day Trial Belarus Belarus

$10.00 per week

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5 spots available

Zain-ull-Abiddin Daniyal  New Mentor

Head of Engineering - Data2Decisions Ltd
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I have worked as a backend engineer and a data engineer. I have been involved in the hiring process for the past 4 years. I have interviewed over 200 people and hired over 30. Having worked closely with data scientists, data engineers, software engineers, DevOps engineers and QA engineers, I know what makes teams work together and sets them for success. I have also worked very closely with stakeholders and know from first hand experience what they like from their relationships with technical people. I have worked at Startups, software ...

Engineering & Data dataengineeringbackendcloud
7 Day Trial United Kingdom United Kingdom

$10.00 per week

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Sandrina Pereira 

UI Developer - Farfetch
5.0 stars
5.0 (7 reviews)
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Hey there 👋
Want to become a frontend developer with a sharp eye on design and accessibility? I'd love to help you!

I can guide you to build simple websites with just HTML, CSS, and plain Javascript or complex apps using frameworks like React or Vue. During our journey, I'll give you design and accessibility (A11Y) tips that will do all the difference for the final user experience.

I'm a frontend developer with a great passion for interaction design. I worked on a daily basis with multiple teams in ...

Engineering & Data frontendreactaccessibilityCSS
7 Day Trial Portugal Portugal

$35.00 per week

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Fangru Wu 

Sr. Product Designer - Stellar Labs
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I’ve been in the tech industry for 8 years. I’m interested in discovering how and why people do things. Currently, I’m a senior product designer leading the design efforts for the quoting and proposal solution at Stellar Labs, a startup that is building out an operation management system for business aviation. I'm also part of our user experience research initiatives, in order to establish a scalable research process in a fast-paced startup. Before that, I was mostly working in the Fintech space and have worked on major brands as AmexCanada, ...

Design DesignSystemsUsabilityProblemsDesignConceptsUserResearch
7 Day Trial Canada Canada

$20.00 per week

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Dip Neupane  New Mentor

Sr. Software Developer - CF
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It's been around five years working as a passionate Software Developer. Graduated from Kuvempu University, Karnataka, India and has been professionally working with the software industries in Nepal since 2015 intending to make people's life easy through Technology.

I have already worked with some of the best technologies around like C#, Asp.Net Framework, Asp.Net Core, JavaScript, Angular, MSSQL, Postgresql, Git, GitLab, etc. Currently, I am specializing in some of the vibrant skill sets useful of operations named Gitlab CI and Docker.

The most challenging part for any software developer is ...

Engineering & Data c#AngularAsp.NetCore
7 Day Trial Nepal Nepal

$30.00 per week

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Richa Prasad 

Founder - Coach Viva
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In my previous life, I was a PM at Microsoft having worked on Visual Studio for 4 years and Cortana for 4 years. If you're a tech person looking for help in figuring out promotions and/or dealing with your manager/PM/dev/design team, I believe I have good insights for you.

How? I was promoted 4 times 4 years in a row and it wasn't because I worked 100 hour weeks. There is a set of unsaid criteria you need to meet that exists within any big tech company because of ...

Business productmanagementmarketinggrowthbusinessstrategybootstrapping
7 Day Trial United States of America USA

$25.00 per week

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Fernando Alarcon 

Mentor - Self-Employed
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I am a self taught Sofware Developer who has a deep love of Computer Science and I plan to learn as much as I can about Software development. I have been Mentoring students for a online learning company called Udacity helping the students in the Intro To Programming Nanodegree who trying to learn the basics of programming for over 2 years. In that time I have learned that I enjoy taking the time to answer student's questions and watch them grow in their abilities as programmers. If you want a ...

Engineering & Data UdacityVirtualRealityPythonHTML
7 Day Trial

$20.00 per week

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Udit Sajjanhar  New Mentor

Senior Product Manager -
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Experienced product leader with a cross-functional experience across Technology, Product, Business & People.

I co-founded an educational technology company, StudyPad, Inc, ( to provide an immersive learning experience for elementary school kids. Scaled the product from inception to more than 20 million users, while building a company of 40+ people.

Currently, I work at, owning the safe growth of supply, by increasing automation through machine learning products.

- Cross-Functional Communication: Equally good at technical communication with devs & discussing business case with leadership.
- Leadership: leading by ...

Business ProductManagementEntrepreneurshipInterviewingProductDesign
Netherlands Netherlands


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