Cyril Allard
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Head of Data and Product @ Lyodge


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My biggest strength is to be proficient - without being an expert - on many different subjects, allowing me to see potential synergies / issues across fields. It goes from devops topics to strategy.

This strength was built on purpose in my career:
- I graduated from Polyhtechnique, an engineering school in France to improve my thinking process
- I worked two years at Mckinsey to deepen my business knowledge
- I co-founded a start-up, foxintelligence, where I was in charge of many fields: product, data (including data science), devops with more than 30 people across those expertises
- I also implemented many processes within this company, including OKRs, bonuses, etc.

Right now, I'm in the process to start another company, while using my spare time to create a videogame (check

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