👋 Hi!!! I run the UX teams for Gmail @ Google, based out of San Francisco.
I also teach at UC Berkeley.
I help designers break into tech giants like Google.

I focus on being inquisitive, tailored to you, and above all collaborative. When you leave sessions, you'll know exactly what to do next and why.

As a mentor, I can help you:
- Navigate a career change into ux, user research, content strategy or visual design
- Create a compelling portfolio and case study presentation
- Prepare for whiteboard challenges and take-home exercises
- Build a hiring strategy, prepare for interviews, resume and LinkedIn profile

As a mentee, you’ll have hands on support from me. Our first call entails going through a career worksheet. From there, I'll dive in with written notes and a structured plan. You’ll have a free introductory call to make sure my mentorship is the right fit!

I'm super passionate about giving back, and shaping the future community of UX designers. Let's connect!

Inquiries: [email protected]
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/earlf

What students say

"I have been working with Earl for a while now, and I have just become more and more impressed by his professionalism and insights. He is a very supportive mentor who also has a great sense of humor. Thank you for your mentorship, Earl! It's been making a large difference in my career."
Michelle, September 2021
5 stars
"Knowledgeable, Experienced, and always willing to help. This is what I have been enjoying learning from Earl so far. He set up very goal-oriented and personalized plan with me to help me grow my career- very practical and helpful. I always feel being supported whenever having questions as an entry-level designer. I wish I could knew Earl even earlier, but now it is not too late. :P. Earl even met me in person and grabbed a coffee together when I was traveling in SF. I can say Earl is absolutely the right mentor for anyone who needs an experienced professional to help growing or getting prepared for next level. "
Jing, June 2021
5 stars
"It was awesome working with Earl. He is really dedicated to his commitment. Learnt a lot from him. Looking forward to work with him again."
Tamali, September 2021
5 stars
"I had a great experience working with Earl. I came to him for help tightening up my portfolio walk-though presentation. He provided structured feedback. The guidance I received helped me feel so much more prepared and I was able to present more confidently. "
Vi, June 2021
5 stars
"Earl is the right mentor for you if you love intellectual challenges and immerse yourself into the deepest levels of UX questions in a very focused way. I was always interested in going behind the challenges and carving out the answers to the “why” questions. I am an intellectual property-jurist-turned-UX designer, and I have been working with Earl since November 2021. My goal was to have a mentor to support me in my daily challenges at a software company with no UX design experience and where I am the only UX designer as a career changer. First of all, Earl’s beneficial and unique advice provides me with handy and practical solutions to my daily challenges. Earl is giving state-of-art advice based on his long-term career and current position at Google as a UX Design Lead and Instructor at UC Berkeley. On the other hand, the cooperation with Earl reminds me of diving in the ocean. Due to his extreme helpfulness and high level of UX knowledge our mentorship opens many doors regarding UX theoretical sources (e.g., unique books, films, articles). It is pretty rare to have someone as a mentor who has both skills on a high level: practical and educational. The more I learn from Earl, the more I explore the deepest layers of the UX ocean by covering different UX aspects and overlaps of design, business, project management, and psychology. So, Earl is the absolute master who dives with you in the UX ocean in a joyful way by nurturing your curiosity and giving encouragement to go deeper and deeper. I believe that I am becoming a real UX diver on behalf of Earl. That makes me feel more competent and confident in my new UX designer role as a career changer. "
Nora, March 2022
5 stars
"Earl is amazing and so incredibly helpful! He gave me some actionable items to work towards my goal. Thanks Earl!"
Keira, October 2021
5 stars
"I can’t recommend Earl enough. As an experienced product designer looking to take my next step, I asked him for help framing my diverse skill set and complex career path. He gave me honest, actionable feedback on my resume, website, and portfolio. I went into interviews feeling confident and prepared. Earl is super organized and results-focused. In our first session, we aligned on concrete goals and a timeline for achieving them. He wrote down all his feedback so I could easily reference it later. As others have said, he’s warm and fun to work with, always happy to answer whatever random questions I had."
Brian, November 2021
5 stars
"Earl helps me in multiple fields including career transition, Master program guides, interviews of graphic design/ux design, ux research, ideation, prototyping...He is professional and trustful in each field, can help me solve any problems the fastest. I am so lucky to meet Earl in Mentorcruise:) "
Zoe, December 2021
5 stars
"Earl is undoubtedly the best mentor I've ever met. He is exceptionally knowledgeable in UX and the industry and just incredibly pleasant to talk to; He is caring, thoughtful, and kind. It makes every conversation we have very enjoyable, like talking to an old friend. Earl has sharp eyes to spot my strengths and weaknesses, and he offered actionable advice to improve myself. He is also very responsive between each session and answered all my questions in great detail and depth. After my sessions with him, I felt much more explicit about my career path and knew myself better as a UX designer. I hope highly recommend Earl to any designer at any level and would love to have more mentorship sessions with Earl in the future. "
Stacey, April 2022
5 stars
"Earl supported me a lot during my hardest time, providing multiple learning resources and feedback. He is totally a nice mentor, encouraging me a lot!"
Zoe, April 2022
5 stars
"Very professional"
Susan, July 2021
5 stars
"Awesome. Earl is warm, detail oriented and experienced mentor. I benefitted a lot from his insights."
A, September 2021
5 stars
"Phenomenal mentor, on point, very knowledgeable and easy going."
Jobany, November 2021
5 stars


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