Earl Friedberg

Gmail, Lead UX Designer @ Google
Strong track record of landing mentees UX jobs
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👋 Hi!!! I run the UX teams for Gmail @ Google based out of San Francisco.
I also teach at UC Berkeley.
I have a strong track record of helping mentees land UX jobs, mostly in big tech.

As a mentee, you’ll have hands-on support from me. Our first call entails going through a career worksheet. From there, I'll dive in with written notes and a structured plan. When you leave sessions, what steps to take next and why.

As a mentor, I can help you:
- Break into tech
- Navigate a career change into UX
- Design an awesome portfolio and interview presentation
- Prepare for interviews, whiteboard challenges, app critiques, etc.
- Develop in your current role and build a personal development plan

I focus on being inquisitive, tailored to you, and above all collaborative. You’ll have a free introductory call to make sure my mentorship is the right fit!

I'm super passionate about giving back, and shaping the future community of UX designers.

Let's connect!

Inquiries: [email protected]
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/earlf

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5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
4 months

Being mentored by Earl has been incredibly helpful. Earl structures mentorship very well, tailoring it to your individual needs. Moreover, Earl stands out for providing comprehensive guides for almost every topic. As a person who loves structuring things, I couldn't be more delighted by that top-notch approach! Even when my motivation falters, Earl goes above and beyond to guide and push me forward with detailed feedback and positive attitude, helping me steadily make progress towards my goals. I highly recommend Earl as an amazing UX mentor for helpful guidance and meaningful progress.



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
6 months

Earl is an outstanding mentor! I have had the pleasure of being mentored by Earl over the past 5 months and I have nothing but amazing things to say about my experience. I am transitioning into UX design from a graphic design background and Earl has been my guiding light through this entire process. If you are looking for someone who has top-level knowledge, is always responsive, and understands your individual needs as a mentee Earl is the one. Since working with Earl I have developed a portfolio with 4 case studies and even landed contracted UX work that has become an additional source of income while I continue my transition to become a full-time UX designer. As with any mentorship you need to be ready to make the most of your time together and if you are ready to put the work in, Earl will match your effort and then some. I hope many more mentees have the ability to learn and work with Earl, it is an invaluable experience and has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions I have made during my career transition.



5 out of 5 stars

Lite Plan · 
1 month

There are numerous remarkable aspects to having Earl as a mentor, and I'd love to share my experience. I was initially quite confused and uncertain about my UX concepts, my portfolio was a complete mess, and my confidence in my work was at its lowest. Then, I had the opportunity to connect with Earl. Right from the start, his approach to evaluating your skills is truly exceptional. It's a level of insight and guidance that you won't find in any college or bootcamp. Earl is incredibly prompt in providing feedback and goes above and beyond to address any questions you may have. He is not only an exceptionally kind mentor but also super resourceful. Every interaction with Earl is full of positivity, and you invariably learn something new after each mentoring session. His meticulous attention to detail and his knack for gently steering you in the right direction are like no other. I cannot emphasize enough how highly I recommend him. If you ever find yourself lost in a tunnel of confusion, overwhelm, or self-doubt, or intimidation, or just all of it together, Earl is the guiding light that will help you navigate the process.

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