Flavio Baini

Senior Product Designer @ Zalando
Germany Active last month Usually responds in a week or longer


I am an experience and interaction designer from Italy based in Berlin and London. My last 9 years have been spent designing stuff, mostly digital products for healthcare and mobility as a service. For a bit, I worked at Masabi, as it scaled from 20 to 50+ employees, on the foundations of their Justride suite, leading the London design team. In the UK, my work is used by patients of more than half of the practices. Worldwide, by riders and employees of some of the largest transport authorities and by mostly everyone buying a mobile train ticket in NewYork, Boston and LA. After a couple of agency years prototyping experiences for a few innovative companies challenging the standards of banking, construction, and utilities, I landed at Zalando, where my fashion studies background and product design skills are core to developing high level experiences for our customers.

I feel confident to mentor and coach design professionals interested in growing in the following disciplines:
- UX design and Lean UX methodologies
- Preparing an efficient CV and case study for job interviews
- Designing in a cross functional, agile team

My approach to mentoring is deeply rooted in the idea of nurture, enabling and empowering designers to grow with high support and confidence. As a standard process, I shared industry tips, resources and create a career plan for you to achieve your goals. Looking forward to having you!


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