Izzy Aspler

Product Manager @ IzzyWorks Consulting
Canada Active 4 months ago


👋 I'm Izzy. My day job is consulting startups regarding product management, business strategy, and marketing. My background originates from working as a product designer and fitness coach. I'm here to help you in UX design and product design/management roles.

I can specifically help you with
- Whiteboard & Interviewing
- Critical Thinking
- Design tools & understanding design trends.
- Case studies & UX research

As a Mentor, I coach by constructing and helping you navigate realistic scenarios, much like taking part in an apprenticeship. I support and encourage you through positive feedback and support of your values (yes, be true to yourself!) I strongly believe in habit-forming and will show you how to frame problems and tackle solutions so you can thrive under pressure.

What I don't emphasize is specif tools or methods. Instead, we focus on critical thinking skills and address the problems as they appear. And not to worry, if you are a student who needs to master a tool for an assignment, that is the critical problem we will solve first :)

So, whether you are just starting as a junior creator or moving across industries with management skills, I am excited to work with you and help you grow and succeed.


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