JM Smith

Staff Database Engineer @ CircleCI
PostgreSQL, Automation, and easy testing make life better.
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Hi, my name is Joe and I am a Staff Database Engineer by trade.

I am only taking on two mentees at a time to ensure I am available.

I've worked with databases for more than 10 years covering most major engines. I specialize in PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL maintenance and operating.

I have operated everything from Oracle and MySQL on EC2, to most everything supported by AWS RDS.

Most of my experience is in AWS.

I've automated deployments on Jenkins, CircleCI, AzureDevOps, and AWS CodeDeploy.

I've got a lot of experience in breaking large problems into their constituent parts and showing teams how to safely order change to yield the desired result

I enjoy teaching people how to make their databases work for them and how to make it easier to use a complicated piece of software.

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