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Joao Gante

Machine Learning Engineer @ Hugging Face 🤗
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Hi there! I'm João and I'm a Machine Learning Engineer at Hugging Face, leading the development of our text generation tools and giving a hand with everything TensorFlow. Recently, I was the ML Chapter Lead at nPlan, responsible for the development of my fellow ML Engineer colleagues as well as of other chapter leads. I love mentoring and exchanging ideas, and I'm passionate about seamless user-friendly processes (well, that's why I joined Hugging Face).

I see mentoring not as a medium to sell what works for me, but rather to find out what resonates with the other and to explore said passions in the context of their life and work. This was an extremely valuable lesson I've learned from my Ph.D. supervisors, and you can expect it from me if I get to be your mentor.

In addition to the above, here are a few scenarios where I can be particularly helpful to you:
- You want to build a complex ML-based application that goes beyond model inference;
- learning how machine learning works and what makes great ML products, or learning how to become an ML Engineer yourself;
- growing as an ML Engineer so as to have your own team;
- understanding the many ways an ML project can fail, and what can be done to prevent it;
- learning how to be a mentor to others;
- navigating through the ups and downs of a Ph.D.;
- find out how to join the open-source world.

What mentees say



5 out of 5 stars

He is a great mentor, very understanding and always willing to help. He's continually learning and improving himself and makes for both a fantastic mentor and mentee. He is an excellent influencer and dedicated mentor who supports his team through sharing his enthusiasm for the work and having an open door policy.



5 out of 5 stars

Joao is very professional with deep knowledge in various deep/machine learning topics. In addition, he is a lovely person with high motivation to help others.



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