I am an Artificial Scientist with 16 years of experience in machine learning and deep learning field. I am currently a tech lead in fortune 50 company and also am teaching the fundamentals of Machine Learning at University of San Diego. I have been working on different aspects of machine learning and computer vision, specifically in the medical field. My expertise is AI and Data Science in the medical sciences and I believe there is a lack of skilled scientists and engineers in this field who have both 1) a strong ML/Data Science background and 2) some domain knowledge. Mentoring more high skilled scientists and engineers within the field will help eligible candidates to get familiar with both sides and be ready to get hire by the medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

I offer to help other analysts, scientists, and engineers in coding, preparing resumes, and coaching them for technical and coding interviews. Also, helping others to make plans for their career growth, either within the industry or from academia to industry.



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