Natalia Kulbaka

Senior Software Engineer @ Roche
5 years of experience in Software engineering
Spain Active last week Usually responds in a week or longer


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Ah welcome here! Nice to meet you! And thanks for your interest!

That's how I can help YOU:

💎 boost your dev career by preparing a personal growth plan from Trainee to Junior to Middle to Senior - I know this feeling when you are stuck in any of these positions and just can't figure out what you should do next to grow, I went through it, I accepted my mentors help and now I'm offering my help to YOU - SCHEDULE YOUR CAREER STRATEGY WITH ME;

💎 prepare for the interview depending on the company type - Interviews in big tech companies are very different from interviews in start-ups and Interviews in an average product / outsource company, I have done a lot of them and can prepare you for the one YOU need - SCHEDULE YOUR MOCK INTERVIEW WITH ME;

💎 jump into mobile development, learn more about the environment and develop your first app - SCHEDULE YOUR STUDY PLAN SESSION WITH ME;

💎 dive into specific Android, Kotlin libraries and techniques - SCHEDULE YOUR EXPERT CONSULTATION WITH ME;

💎 design and build a scalable mobile start-up - SCHEDULE YOUR EXPERT CONSULTATION WITH ME;

💎 level up CV and project portfolio to stand up in the marketplace - SCHEDULE YOUR RESUME FEEDBACK SESSION WITH ME;

💎 provide live code review of the project you want to improve or the problem you are stuck on and just can't solve on your own - SCHEDULE YOUR REVIEW A MENTEES WORK SESSION WITH ME;

My time is LIMITED so I can provide only a few sessions a month, so be quick or be patient to book your time with me)

I also offer ONLY 2 spots to my Monthly mentorship plan. Isn't one session enough for you? Do you want to have the possibility to ask me any questions anytime you want during the month? Then this option is right for YOU.

But you need to act RIGHT NOW)

Let's grow together!

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