Nick Ostermann

Senior Design Director @ Corporate Visions
Design Lead Consultant for Ambitious Creatives
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I love working with individuals, leaders, and teams who are passionate and hungry but in need of direction. My focus is to learn more about your goals and use my experience to help you achieve them. If you're not sure, don't worry – we can explore and find the answers together.

My design career spans 20+ years, from the early days of giving away work made with a Photoshop that didn't yet have layers, to now serving as Head of Design for a market-leading consultancy engaging Fortune 1000 companies like UPS, Colgate, AT&T, Oracle, IBM, and Wells Fargo. As a team leader, design thinker, strategist, educator, and speaker, I love to share what I've learned and provide meaningful and purposeful direction and feedback to help others thrive in their creativity, work, and life. Masters and Doctoral degrees in Education and Leadership.

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