Hi there, 👋 My name is Olia and I work as a Product Designer at Toptal. A bit more than 5 years ago, I completely changed my career in 6 months and moved to Amsterdam, to work as a Product Designer. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it. Want to hear some tips on how to learn UX design from scratch in less than 1 year? Need help with passing the interview to your dream company? Need help with a case study or take-home UX assignment?

I can help you with:
• Starting your journey as a UX/UI/Product designer
• Learn how to do design assignments/exercises and get hired!
• Practice your interview skills
• Create CV and Portfolio that sells
• Change your career to UX/UI Design
• Provide feedback if you 'stuck' with your work

I offer my experience and guidance to help you find the design position to jump-start your career.

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