Piero Hernandez


Software Development Engineer - Amazon Web Services

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I like to tell my story backwards, so here it goes :)

Currently working as a Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services, while living between Berlin and Dublin (Germany and Ireland).

Languages spoken: English and Spanish.

I’ve worked for big international companies and small startups, doing some freelance work on the side for medium and small size companies. I believe this gives me important insights as to how you might be feeling and going through in your career.

Time has taught me I’m good at designing and implementing cloud solutions based on thoughtful architectures. You can see my profile tags to find other spells I’ve mastered, such as Python.

Time has also taught me I’m very good at making mistakes. It might not be intuitive, but mistakes are a marvelous opportunity to earn new knowledge. And it’s usually knowledge from mistakes the one that sticks the most.

My own mentor once told me 4 years ago: “I want you to succeed, but if you fail, I want you to fail in the most efficient way possible”. Think about that for a bit while I continue my introduction.

About 4 years ago I moved to Europe. I’ve lived and worked in three different countries spanning two continents.

I’m originally from Venezuela, a beautiful country going through a rough time. I studied in the best university the country has to offer and then continued studying in a practice-oriented university in Berlin, Germany.

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