Scott McCulloch

Director @ Auckland Growth Co
9 years growing a startup from £0 to £7.5m and 70 staff
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Hey! My name is Scott - and after a career in business banking with RBS, then a career in Leadership as a Sales Director with Worldpay, and then the most amazing time co-founding and growing my own ecommerce company TheVeganKind for a decade - I am now freelance, operating as a Fractional Digital Marketing Director, assisting startups in navigating the myriad of complexities throughout the early growth stage.

At TVK we grew the company from £0 to £7.5mn in revenue, encompassing growing the team to 70 staff, relocating warehouse multiple times, completing a Seedrs crowdfunding raise, then an institutional raise with private equity for £3.5mn. I was fortunate enough to be able to exit that business. The business did however end up being put into administration some months after the exit, which did have financial repurcussions for me - which is fine and all part of the learnings of life. I can pretty much say I have worn the entire wardrobe of startup life! TheVeganKind still exists today as the name was bought as part of the administration and it is now being traded as VeganKind by new owners - again, massive learnings there!

I’m now embarking on my 4th career, freelance, working with multiple clients at a time, assisting them with the growth of their own SME's. I would class myself as a digital marketer at heart, but ultimately I'm driven and always looking for growth. That's why sales and startup life always suited me. Where there is a great business with great potential, the right mindset and focus can help achieve great things. I'm a massive believer in a positive mindset and how you can achieve great things when you're focusing on the positives rather than the negatives.

I currently have 4 clients, and am a Non-Executive Director for 2 of them. Auckland Growth Co has given me the ability to intersect with several businesses at once, and cross-pollinate the value I pick up along the way. I’m currently working with companies within the Property sector, natural foods Ecommerce sector and Electric Vehicles sector.

I turned 40 in 2022 and took the opportunity to re-evaluate the way I was living. This led to me taking my fitness more seriously and removing alcohol from my life in Jan 2023. In October '23 I completed an IronMan 70.3 triathlon in Barcelona - and I have been loving my new-found way of life. New challenge >>> incoming!

I have 3 children, Casey (11), Tyler (7) and Cody (2) - they mean absolutely everything to me, and I want to show them that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I'm trying to lead by example in everything that I do.

I follow a plant based diet as I firmly believe it is the lowest-impact way for humans to live life on earth.

I’m an avid reader of self help books or books about incredible feats etc - I just love learning about mindset, the power of your thoughts, success stories from interesting people. Always inspires me and I’m always craving that sort of content.

I’ve also woken up at 5am most weekdays for the last decade. I know that is not for everyone and it’s a bit of a cliche on LinkedIn - but those 2 spare hours in the morning where you can focus on your wellness, and/or get a few things done in peace - it is an absolute life hack if you ask me!

In my spare time I'm currently learning Spanish in amongst other things.

The best bit of advice I have ever been given - “If you’re asked to take a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask questions, just get on”. I like to think you make your own luck in life - but that advice has meant that I’ve taken my chances every single time.

Fav recent quote - “The medal at the end - that’s not the goal. It’s who you have to become to get the medal - THAT's the goal”.

I'd love to get into mentoring - I know I can add a lot of value and know what it feels like to be a founder and how stressful it can all be. I get it, and can't wait to help someone!

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