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Shubham Verma

Product Manager @ Medbelle
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πŸ‘‹ Hi! I am Shubham (Engineer -> PM) and I have 8+ years of experience with early-stage startups (in India, London, and Berlin), building and launching 0->1 Products. I am currently leading Product for a HealthTech Startup in Berlin. I have managed and mentored 50+ folks from Engg/Design/Product backgrounds.

What can I help with?
- Transitioning to Product Management (read my guide here: https://bit.ly/3ZGBCHf)
- Levelling up as a Product Manager
- Getting technical as a Product Manager
- PM Interview Prep/Mock Interviews
- Tech/design-related career advice

What do people say?
"Shubham provided useful tips relevant to my immediate goals. He helped me view my experience with a positive lens. I found him a great listener, asking the right questions and also allowing me to make a point/re-iterate a view."
- Program Manager, Amazon (Interview Prep Session)

"Shubham is an awesome PM and asks very relevant questions. He gives awesome feedback which will certainly help you to excel in the interview. Very knowledgable and great grip on structure."
- Senior PM (Mock Interview Session)

"Had an insightful session with Shubham on a specific topic. His knowledge and approach were valuable and provided helpful insights for my understanding."
- Senior PM (General Session)

"Shubham gave me incredibly valuable advice throughout our session. He had great insights on how to stand-out while job hunting, and gave me specific feedback on my resume. Our session energized me and improved my chances to get hired. I highly recommend him as a mentor!"
- PM (CV Review/Interview Prep Session)

"Shubham's experience in transitioning from being a developer to a customer-centric PM was exactly what I needed in order to be guided towards a more customer-centric mindset. He is a very good listener and cleared a lot of doubts that I had in my head whenever I was going through ideas and iterations with potential customers for my product. He also really gave me a lot of insights into how better team collaboration can be built, especially between EMs and PMs."
- Founder/EM (General Session)

Fun stuff I do and enjoy:
- Building AI Tools for Product People - https://aiproduct.tools
- Building AI Tools for PM Interview prep - https://productinterview.tools
- Making Music and publishing on Spotify
- Photography (https://www.instagram.com/perspectives.throughmyeyes/)
- Travel Videos (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaQ6fpWF6JmsV8q2zIEiLRw)

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