Sina Konz

Empowerment Coach, Agile Coach, Scrum Master @ Sina Konz
25+ years experience in personal development, 10+ years experience in agility
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Hi! I am Sina, an Empowerment Coach by heart and I am looking forward to meet you!

My life mission is to help people grow beyond imaginary limits and become the best verison of themselves - happy, confident, authentic and free.

I provide coaching in personal as well as professional challenges so that you can live a passionate & fullfilled life in harmony with yourself and others.

My offers to you:
- Mentoring people that feel stuck in a life situation or a decision, creating breakthroughs in the quality of their life and life experiences
- Mentoring leaders & Scrum Masters to positively impact the people around them to create a successful, high-performance and joyful work environment and become natural role models

I have 25+ years of experience in personal development and 10+ years experience in Scrum.

I am enthused about positive psychology and the psychology of success which is a great addition to my agile expertise.

It is truly a matter of my heart to inspire you and support your growth.

With my mentorship I aim to offer you hands-on support based on your personal goals and challenges.

Whatever goals you have: I will happily join your journey and guide you to success & joy in your workplace or personal life.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Best wishes,


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