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I am currently VP of research in the Oncology group at Lunit, Seoul, where I lead the AI research team in the same department. I can provide mentorship in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Medical Image Analysis, scientific programming in Python, AI research in Academia and Industry, from the hands-on and leadership perspective.

I have a background in Biomedical Engineering and PhD in Computer Science, both obtained at the University of Minho, Portugal. My research was at the intersection of medical imaging and AI, and resulted in several impactful publications, with a total number of +5500 citations.

After PhD I worked as Data Scientist with telematics data. In early 2020 I joined Lunit in Seoul, South Korea, as an AI researcher. In early 2021 I took the role of VP of research. At Lunit, we develop AI-based medical imaging software to support oncologists and radiologists, toward the mission of saving lives through AI.

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