A product manager's primary responsibility is answering for their team not "What?" but "Why?" My approach to product emphasizes and embraces that uncertainty: I'll help you identify what you don't know, form hypotheses, and systemically validate (or invalidate) your assumptions through research. Depending on your goals, we'll talk about specific techniques you can use to learn customers' underlying motivations and how work with your team to iteratively ship solutions customers love.

Here's a little about me: I've worked in technology for close to a decade and have over six years of experience in product management. I'm most knowledgeable in B2B, but have worked with B2C and B2B2C companies in the past; I also read widely to stay up-to-date on product practices. Working with me, you can expect a collaborative and empathic style. I'd love to help you grow as a product professional.

What students say

"He is an excellent mentor. He helped me identify my weak points and helped me prepare for interviews. Also provided me with great resources. "
Shilpi, May 2021
5 stars


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