Stelios Tigkas
 Quick Responder

Head of Information Security @ Solutionlab Production

Hello w0rld!

My name is Stelios. I am an Information Security geek with 20 years of work experience in the field, more than 12 of which have been with NCC Group Europe. I have worked as a technical consultant, PCI DSS auditor, team leader and penetration tester primarily across Europe, but also in Asia and Africa. I currently work as the Head of Information Security @ Solutionlab. I am also in charge of the "Greenbridge" not-for-profit, cybersecurity talent support & assessment initiative. I like heavy metal, spicy food, cycling and stargazing.

Before applying for a paid mentorship with me, you may want to check out the "Autodidact Academy" section @ Greenbridge's website: This page contains recommendations on online resources and material covering the different modules of the Greenbridge recommended curriculum, which, in my humble opinion, constitutes a solid foundation for a career in information security. If you are comfortable working independently and can complete the curriculum by yourself, at your own pace, then my recommendation would be to do just that.

However, if you would still prefer some boosting and personalised advice, then I'll be happy to receive your application!

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