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Hi there! I'm Steve, and as a tech entrepreneur for 25 years, I have created two multi-million pound businesses from zero. I now enjoy giving back to other early-stage tech startup founders.

As an adviser, mentor and interim cofounder, I offer my expertise to those who want daily support and a fresh perspective. I am here to guide founders, whether it's with strategy, product, tech, growth, operations, investment, m&a or exit plans. My strengths and focus are in supporting sole-founders or those in small bootstrapped teams.

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Please read below about my journey, and then get in touch and let me support your own startup journey. Kind regards, Steve 😊



I first touched a computer keyboard in 1982, aged 14. But that didn't happen until after being forced at school to learn to code using just paper and pencil. We posted our programmes to the nearby college, where they were re-keyed onto a mainframe the size of a tennis court, and our results were sent back in the post seven days later, usually marked syntax error at line 40.

Since those early days, I gained a degree in computation from UMIST and have enjoyed a successful career spanning ten years in the 1990s as an IT consultant at Logica, IBM, Reuters, Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank and several very early digital agencies. I even left it all behind for a short while to become a scuba diving instructor and run my own dive school!


The internet began calling to me in the mid-1990s, and my entrepreneurial talents started to come alive as I taught myself html, php, mysql and other web programming skills.

During the successful startup career that followed, I have envisioned several internet and digital business firsts.

In 1996 I published my first website and the first one ever to be disk-mounted on the cover of a national UK magazine.

I launched a successful dot-com business in 1999 by creating the first under-a-tenner domain name business, inventing the web-based DNS dashboard for domains and building a very early email and web hosting ISP at

I also ran one of the first successful web affiliate schemes, generating 40% of our revenue in 2001.

In the same year, I devised an early no-code solution for hosting simple one-page websites, generating £100k per year from a single £300 server.

I was even an early digital nomad in 2007, running a B2B Saas startup from a beach and the desert.

And I launched one of the first-ever text marketing services in 2001 at


Since the late 1990s, I’ve had great tech ventures and startup ideas, awful ones, others that are too early or late and one that failed. I saw success and negotiated a big exit in the dot-com boom days, I have felt the lows of being a bootstrapped solo entrepreneur, and I have seen the investment raising process first-hand.

I have been in CEO and CTO roles and have managed growth from zero to 100,000 business clients and 30+ staff. I have architected and programmed a system with 850k lines of code, project managed development teams, supervised DevOps and supported solutions with over one million daily transactions and API calls.

I am still driven daily by envisioning new digital ideas and tech businesses and have a few exciting side projects bubbling away, including and


In 2021, 25 years after my first website, I launched a second career as a business adviser and mentor to founders of early-stage tech startups, passing on a lifetime of experience in IT and business consultancy and my own tech startups.

I get inspired by meeting and working with other founders, sharing and exploring ideas and helping them succeed. And as a true entrepreneur, I get as excited by other people's ideas as I do with my own.

Chat soon! 😊

What students say

"Wow, Steve and Mentorcruise rocks! 😉 I only found the site and him early today and already had a really helpful 1 hour session to get clarification on my startup plans. I am building a cool mobile app and he gave me a lot of useful pointers on how to get the business planning started. I am totally coming back for his monthly thing to help mentor me and give ongoing advice. Adam"
Adam, October 2021
5 stars


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