Sylvain Tillon

CEO @ Le Bahut
Multi-entrepreneurs avec quelques succès et beaucoup d'échecs !
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At 21, when I created Lucyf'Hair, I didn't know what adventure I was getting into, and luckily! This crazy adventure lasted 6 years and allowed me to discover the entrepreneurial world, to travel in China, in the United States, in Spain, to manage a team of talented collaborators... It also taught me how to fail!

At the age of 26, with my diploma in my pocket, I first went to look for a job, a real job. But I wasn't cut out for the ruthless world of big business. And I didn't have the guts to sign my work contract. I preferred to try a new entrepreneurial adventure.

Passionate about teaching and pedagogy (although I myself was a rather... absent student), I founded Sydo on this belief: everyone can learn if you offer the right teaching methods.

After 5 years, I left Clarence Thiery in charge of Sydo's development and growth, which gave me the time to take up a new crazy challenge: Tilkee, a software that helps to better following up on prospects and increase sales!

A new 5-year cycle has come to an end, and I'm starting a new challenge:
Le Bahut, an innovative school to train educational designers:

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