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Thomas Taranowski

Senior Software Engineering Manager @ Meta 23 years of embedded development and management, ranging from aerospace, startups, to the metaverse.
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I love to build and ship things. I've been extremely fortunate to have this lead me down a career path which has given me broad experience across different types of products and companies. These companies range from both successful and failed startup, to fairly typical corporate development environment to shipping visionary products and technologies at the bleeding edge of what is possible. A big part of the reward in this journey is helping to grow others and watching them succeed. I learned alot from this journey and want to mentor others to help them through their challenges so they don't have to go it alone.

Presently, I mentor a number of people across a variety of domains, both formally through arranged mentorship programs, as well as informally. I find that the specific problem domain is less important, as many of the hardest challenges we face come down to how we understand and model our interactions with other people and the community we are engaged in, and how we apply principles of ownership and leadership to those interactions.

I can best help individual developers accelerate their career, as well as emerging leaders and managers.

Outside of my career I have a deep interest in permaculture and sustainable farming, and am building a working homestead that is entirely off grid. It's still in the early phases, with major earthworks projects in progress, but exciting times lie ahead!




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