Tinesh Chhaya

Founder @ Decipher Cyber - Jenny
United Kingdom Active today


Tinesh, Founder & CEO of the ‘LinkedIn of Cyber’, has a wealth of experience in leadership, management, sales and marketing from over 2 decades working in the corporate world, in addition to 10 years of entrepreneurial and cyber start up experience.

So- leverage my experience to help you grow your idea, talk about the idea, throw the concerns you may have around and work out the next steps for you. I can help you with the sales strategy or marketing messaging. Use my experience and make it work for you.

He has been successful in building businesses from the ground up on an international level, including raising investment.

So- lets work out if you need the money now and if raising is even the best thing for your business right now?

After previously exiting 2 startups once helping them to prosper, he now focuses most of his time in the Tech space and currently sits on the board as an advisor to startups within Cyber, EdTech, Software Development and Social Tech. His current vision is continuing to develop the ‘Google of Cyber’, also known as Jenny v3.0, a revolutionary platform which Tinesh is passionate about bringing to the world.


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