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Trent Shumay

Founder @ IoT Design Shop Inc.
Founder, Entrepreneur and Technologist focused on IIOT, Robotics, and the future of Manufacturing
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I've done a lot of different things over the years. I started out in gaming, working a lot on 3D Rendering, Data Processing Pipelines, and related fields like Spacial Audio, Contextual Awareness, and Performance Optimization on small, proprietary systems.

As the complexity of that field grew, I found myself drawn back to smaller computers. That's always been a theme of mine - what can you do with a little? This drew me into handheld gaming, but also forked over into Mobile Development when iOS and Android rose.

This ended up being transformational, as I founded a company called Finger Food Studios in my basement. We went on to employ about 160 people, and worked on some of the largest and most interesting mobile products in the world. This also expanded into AR/VR and Mixed Reality, as well as IoT and Hardware solutions.

My particular passion for small computers was ignited by the IoT movement. I still believe strongly that it will be a transformational force in the world. Our ability to collect and visualize data is instrumental to understanding the world. After selling Finger Food Studios to my partner and a group of key employees, I dedicated my pursuit to IoT and small devices in general.

One aspect of this was to get into mechanical work - I was frequently asked to specify enclosures, brackets, mounts, and other supporting products for sensors and IoT products. This lead to another discovery, and a full-circle back to 3D and graphics. This time around, it was in the world of CAD/CAM and manufacturing. I started with 3D printing, but today run several CNC mills, lathes, and routers in my own "Field of Dreams" workshop here in the Vancouver Area.

Once again, full circle, my interest in small computers has manifested in the pursuit of robotics and automation technique for my shop and manufacturing endeavours. I am particularly interested in the application of Computer Vision and Machine Learning to the manufacturing process. My dream is to create not just automated, but "smart" tools that can make decisions resulting in greater productivity, safety, and efficiency.

So, generally speaking, I'm really interested in discussing any parts of that journey that others might find valuable! I've sort of run the gamut from growing a software company into operating on the frontier of physical and digital. It's really fun to revisit these things, or imagine new possibilities with others trying to create the future. Happy to lend a hand where I can!

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