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Hi πŸ‘‹ I'm Luke. You can call me Logical Luke πŸ’‘.

You probably already know that becoming an efficient, satisfied software engineer is not easy, and there are many paths to that goal.

You can read, watch tutorials, write code, and collaborate with other engineers, designers, product managers, and other extraordinary people working to deliver your shared goal. You can experiment, perform thousands of trials and challenges, and make mistakes. You can learn from them.
That process takes time.

I'm not saying you won't do it. If you want to achieve success, these are essential components.

There is one thing that you can do for yourself to help you grow faster.
Get a mentor who's been on the same path that you plan to follow.
Let him help you build a roadmap. Confront your concerns. Guide you by showing solutions to problems that you both understand, yet, the mentor has already overcome.
That way, you have a higher likelihood of becoming faster the person that you want to be in a few years.

* Do you want to understand proven steps to advance your career to the next desired level?
* Are you interested in preparing a strategy for how to be a successful Backend Engineer?
* Do you seek a way to organize your work and boost your productivity?
* Are you looking for practical advice on how to lead your team, gain people's trust, and influence them to make a difference?
* Do you want to improve your communication with coworkers, clients, or stakeholders?

I have experience mentoring and teaching practical skills to people having various levels of experience from successful startups and big companies, including, Joyn, Gurock, TimeCamp, SoftServe.

Let me help you find your path to your success!
Achieve goals, stay on top of things, and cultivate your well-being.

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