My passion is with technology, business, innovation and entrepreneurship. I have always been excited about technology, and the way it can transform people's lives. We are living in a time of unprecedented opportunities. It's not about technology, it's always about the possibilities that technology enables. We are not waiting for the future, we are building a platform in which it will happen. I enjoy bringing together multi-stakeholder groups, engaging individuals and bringing the human factor in technology. I lead people and organizations to strive for success and value.
I hold an MBA degree from Quantic School of Business and Technology of Washington DC, and a Master's degree in Engineering in IT Systems from Vienna University of Applied Sciences.

I am the CEO & Co-founder of The Adjacent Possible, an R&D company helping organizations leverage new intellectual property licensing opportunities in different industries and with the mission to connect global technology ecosystems that co-develop common IP applications from different perspectives. During my former 10+ years tenure at IBM, I covered roles such as Quantum Ambassador, Global Business Development for the Aerospace and Defence industries, Program Manager for AI and Innovation and have been a member of the prestigious IBM Academy of Technology. I am an entrepreneur with a long experience in creating innovation ecosystems and promoting talent around the world (Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, United States and Middle East). As the chairman of the IBM Technical Experts Council for CEE, I promoted innovation, patents, research and cutting-edge technologies such as Quantum, Blockchain, AI, IoT, HybridCloud, and the technical eminence of young talents in the region, creating a network of experts connected to external ecosystems and startups.

I am the winner of two Stevie Awards for the best solutions in the categories: business technology solution (2019) and sales and customer service (2020). I hold more than ten scientific publications and patents and over forty international presences as keynote speaker in major conferences and summits of global importance. Additionally, I have been recently selected in a team of 15 out of 5300 worldwide talents to develop business ideas in Finland, a program called 90 Days Finn. I am a proud member of the Sonophilia Foundation, devoted to advancing the scientific research of creative and critical thinking in the world.

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