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I'm a bit of a generalist of general things, in essence 'repeat founder / CTO' - some failures, some successes, an exit. I'm working on some new things right now. I've bootstrapped companies, raised funding, led a team of senior engineers at age 24, and have worked with many types of co-founders. I've said 'no' to many ideas and 'yes' to a bit too many as well. I've closed companies, transferred / sold projects and much more.

Throughout the years I've had some informal mentorship roles, and have mentors myself. I realized recently that I really enjoy supporting people that build new things. If you have a (somewhat) technical background and are starting a product or startup, but aren't sure how to go about things like finding co-founders, first hires, architectural tradeoffs, balancing business needs and technical quality, and much more, I'd love to help!

My ideal mentee would be someone with at least 2-3 years of direct experience in the tech space, but it's not needed to be technical per se. I can be effective in advising 'business' or product people as well. Most suitable is when you are directly involved in shaping a product and/or business. That generally means product ownership, strategy, lead engineering, founder, CTO or similar roles with direct influence over product and technical roadmaps.

Conscious of our limited time together, I want to be effective, so I will lead with questions. What I ask of you is to have a good idea of what you'd like input on. Then I will do my best to help in any way I can.

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