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Samir Dave  New Mentor

Business Analyst Manager - World Education Services
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Highly-versatile, Business Analyst with 15+ years of progressive achievement driving business development activities (including use of BPM tools), service level agreements/vendor management, crafting, refining, and leading training programs, shepherding change activities, and re-engineering mission-critical processes. Proven ability to execute high-value technology solutions (which includes transition from server based to cloud), write requirements, conducting problem/opportunity analysis, lead testing activities, and scale organizational capabilities. Natural leader and collaborative team player adept at building high-performance teams of business analysts and quality assurance professionals, achieving consensus in stakeholder groups, and facilitating sustainable business growth.

Business & Management Business AnalysisRequirements GatheringProcess MappingStrategy Analysis
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Diana Fox  New Mentor

Founder - DFVentures.io / Fiuti.com
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I've spent 10+ years doing business development at ad tech / tech companies helping them scale from early days to formidable forces in the industry they played in. During my time there, I learned how to pitch senior executives at large companies, put together proposals, leave behinds, how to structure emails and what is expected overall in a sales process to close a deal.

Over the past year I've segued into entrepreneurship and am now running a Google Ads optimization tool where I focus on all aspects of the ...

Business & Management business developmentsalesnegotiationsfinancesagreements
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Richard Ball  New Mentor

Lead Data Scientist - Luno
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I'm currently working as a Lead Data Scientist for an international cryptocurrency exchange. I've been working in industry for 13 years. I'm also currently doing my PhD in Machine Learning on a part-time basis, where I'm specializing in the use of machine learning and social network analysis to detect fraud in a commercial setting.

My industry experience is varied, having worked in e-commerce/travel, investment management, engineering and consulting. I also act as a Learning Facilitator for the MIT Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy course.

Engineering & Data PythonSQLMachine LearningData Science
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Alyssa Tsai  New Mentor

Founder and CEO - PANONY & PANews
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Alyssa Tsai is the Founder and CEO of PANONY and PANews, a consulting, research and media company that assists enterprises in adopting emerging technologies through offering industry insights and communication strategies to business leaders. Alyssa Tsai is also an honoree of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in “Media, Marketing & Advertising”.

Working across Asia for 8+ years, previously at Conde Nast, Isentia and Ogilvy.

Business & Management managementbusiness developmentpublic relationsmarketing
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