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Tolga Tuncoglu 

Lead Data Scientist - ADP
5.0 stars
5.0 (1 review)
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Data Scientist w 10 yrs Exp. BS in Statistics and MS in Biostatistics.

My Career in two lines: Data Analyst and National Research Expert @ EMCDDA, IT Manager @ TNP Aviation, Freelance Data Scientist, Lead Data Scientist @ ADP

I'm a huge believer in the science part of Data Science. I'm looking for mentees who are trying to design the right experiment and get some results. I'm not the brute force hacker stats type. I'm expecting the same approach from my mentees.

Engineering & Data PythonMachine LearningNLPDeep Learning
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Tracy Pham 

Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer - PG
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Majoring in Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning, I have worked with multiple transformer-based models (such as BERT, GPT-2) for Text Processing and Text Generation, and using Distillation methods to transfer the knowledge to a much simpler model like LSTM, to deploy as an AWS Lambda service.

Beside NLP, I also have experience in Image Classification and Object Detection, developing a face detection and a multi-label images classification project.

I have been a Teaching Assistant in Deep Learning class of a non-profit organization as well as mentored intern students ...

Engineering & Data NLPComputer VisionMachine LearningDeep Learning
Singapore Singapore


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Archana Rao V 

Data Scientist - Datalore Labs
4.8 stars
4.8 (5 reviews)
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I'm a passionate Data Scientist and I love pulling out most insights from raw data that greatly impact on business development. I'm an ML/DL/IoT researcher having a strong desire to make researching as fundamental of education. I've got a few publications in the field of ML/IoT on top conferences like IEEE, I'm a community enthusiast and open source contributor at many popular open-source AI projects having a desire to make an AI decentralized. I've almost 3 years of working/designing experience in building end to end IoT/ML/DL applications at scale. I've ...

Engineering & Data Data ScienceData visualizationMachine LearningDeep Learning
7 Day Trial India India

$60 per month

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