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Sagar Narang

4 spots left

Sagar Narang  New Mentor

Software Development Engineer | Architect | Amazon hiring panelist - Amazon.com
Personal Chat To-Dos Projects & Challenges 1-on-1 Calls Hands-On Support

Providing simple yet innovative solutions to ambiguous customer problems is what I do on a daily basis at Amazon. My work surrounds around identifying customer pain-points, prototyping technologically innovative and automated solutions for it and then the process of productionalizing the product. With combination of Customer Obsession and Ownership, My focus is on delivering high quality projec...

Engineering & Data CodingSystem DesignJava
7 Day Trial United States of America USA
$150 /month
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Hakki Bagci

5 spots left

Hakki Bagci  New Mentor

Software Engineer - Yelp
Personal Chat To-Dos Projects & Challenges 1-on-1 Calls Hands-On Support

I have 16+ years of professional software development experience. Worked for Silicon Valley companies. I have countless number of software job interviews with tech giants. I also have a PhD degree in computer science. Currently I work as a backend software engineer.

Engineering & Data javapythonspring
7 Day Trial Germany Germany
$150 /month
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Neeran Gul

1 spot left

Neeran Gul  New Mentor

Senior DevOps Engineer - Neeran Gul
Personal Chat To-Dos Projects & Challenges 1-on-1 Calls Hands-On Support

10+ year industry veteran with experience in working with major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) and open source contributions to Terraform and Ansible. If you are looking for practical real world experience then you have found the right mentor!

Engineering & Data azurecloudaws
7 Day Trial United Kingdom United Kingdom
$240 /month
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