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Jordin Gardner 

Full-stack Software Engineer - Happy Monday
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Learning full-stack web development became a super power in my life after I realized that I wasn't dependent on anyone else to make my ideas a reality; it's hard to think of anything more invigorating!

I came down with a bug for programming at a young age, and it has been one of my passions ever since. My early years of learning have been complemented by years of working in early stage startups, resulting in concrete expertise that I love sharing with others.

Whether you're interested in holistically growing your ...

Engineering & Data JavaScriptCSSTypeScriptReact
7 Day Trial United States of America USA

$100 per month

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1 spot available

Guillaume Pouilloux 

Software Engineering Team Leader - FieldBox.ai
πŸ’» Personal Chat πŸ“ To-Dos


I am an experienced Software Engineer currently working from Bordeaux, France.
I have 8 years experience in software development, architecture and IT deployments.
Recently, I have developed more experience in management and hiring as I took on the role of Team Leader at FieldBox.ai in 2018.
I have more than 3 years experience in Erlang, ancestor of Elixir. I am also proficient in other backend & frontend technologies (Ruby on Rails, ReactJS and so on…)

In every project I am involved in, I want to contribute and help ...

Engineering & Data backendfrontendreactjavascript
7 Day Trial France France

$100 per month

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5 spots available

Divyanshu Rawat 

Software Developer - Bayerischer Rundfunk(German Govt.)
πŸ’» Personal Chat πŸ“ To-Dos πŸ† Projects & Challenges πŸ“ž 1-on-1 Calls πŸ›Ž Hands-On Support

I work for the govt. in Munich, Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ as a software engineer. I am a software developer with a passion to build products. Currently, Apart from my full-time job I spend most of the time building an org. for providing opportunities to scholars product is listed here. https://github.com/Ignitus
Moreover, I also love to contribute to open-source software, my contributions & work is well reflected on GitHub. https://github.com/divyanshu-rawat
I am willing to mentor in client/server side technologies specially React & Node and all the libraries that couple with them. Moreover ...

Engineering & Data React.jsTypescriptNode.jsRedux
7 Day Trial Germany Germany

$70 per month

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1 spot available

Elston Baretto 

Principal Engineer - Elsevier
πŸ’» Personal Chat πŸ“ To-Dos

Hey guys,

I'm a software engineer who's worked in a variety of roles from large S&P 500 companies to a tiny 5 person company. I also founded my own SaaS company as CTO and built and mentored a team of engineers. Checkout my LinkedIn for specifics.

I'm a big supporter of Black Lives Matter and very interested in mentoring disadvantaged minorities. I think a career in Software Engineering can transform anyone's life and I'd like to help people get there.

Engineering & Data JavascriptReactJSNodeJSAWS
7 Day Trial United Kingdom United Kingdom

$100 per month

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5 spots available

David Rekow 

Engineering Lead - ribosome
πŸ’» Personal Chat πŸ“ To-Dos πŸ“ž 1-on-1 Calls

Hi there!

I'm David, a seasoned self-taught front-end-focused engineer from the Bay Area.

I've been fortunate enough to work in engineering organizations of all sizes - from being one of 2 engineers companywide, to leading a team of 12 as part of a larger engineering force 400 strong. In addition, I've worked my way from being a junior developer to being a principal framework engineer and governance lead, responsible for making and implementing architectural decisions then consumed by dozens of other engineers.

As part of my self-taught journey, I've spent ...

Engineering & Data front-end developmentjavascriptreactvue
7 Day Trial United States of America USA

$120 per month

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> 5 spots available

Jordan Irabor 

Frontend Engineer - Turing
πŸ’» Personal Chat πŸ“ To-Dos πŸ† Projects & Challenges πŸ›Ž Hands-On Support

Hi there! πŸ˜„

I'm Jordan, a dedicated frontend engineer with over 6 years of experience; developing software with high standards and interacting with multiple stakeholders from technical and non-technical backgrounds.

I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and work with technologies such as JavaScript, React, Vue, Docker, SQL, SASS, CSS3 and Node. I am a self-starter with a proven ability to leverage multiple technologies to build interactive and innovative applications.

I'm a technical author who has taught over a hundred thousand developers, across the globe, through succinctly written ...

Engineering & Data HTML5CSS3GSAPReact
7 Day Trial Nigeria Nigeria

$140 per month

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