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Diving into SEO w/ Karyn Corrigan

Marketing careers come in many shapes, and among its very top niche is SEO. That’s really no wonder because Google gets 8.5 billion surge queries every single day. That’s 100,000 queries per second!

Exploring UX Research w/ Julien Leforestier

Today we have Julien Leforestier of Spotify as a guest with us. If you’re thinking about any of your favorite products out there in the world, there’s probably a person like Julien behind them.

Life as a self-taught developer w/ Sandrina Pereira

It is now estimated that about 70% of software engineers in the industry have a full or partially self-taught background. Our guest has taken the leap years ago and has since then mature to become a team leader.

Careers in Marketing w/ Gus Veiga

Once again, marketing remains one of the most popular fields of study in the US. The growth of marketing positions in the industry is pretty stable. And while the growth of the position isn’t exactly extraordinary, graduates from marketing degrees are among the ones with the lowest unemployment in their fields.

Gus Veiga

Careers in Cybersecurity w/ Stephen Groat

There’s no doubt about it: Tech workers are in demand. Be it software engineers, product designers, or managers, many see these growing career paths as a way to get ahead in their professional lives – and rightfully so.

Chatting about Startups with Lloyd Jacob

If you’re like the majority of adults and people online right now, you want to build your own business someday. In fact, over 60% of people in their twenties and thirties have this life goal. In reality, a much smaller amount of people actually end up doing it and then even less of those people actually succeed.

Exploring product design w/ Rebecca Liu

Design is one of the most popular majors in the world. Yet it is estimated that only 20 to 25% of the graduates ever make their way into the industry. It’s a competitive field with many competitors around.

Demystifying Product Management with Colleen Graneto

If I ask you right now, what does a product manager do all day? Would you be able to give me a concrete answer? The search term around what a product manager does all day actually gets up to 10,000 hits every month in Google. So we’re taking the time today to talk to a veteran and leader of the industry.

The journey to management w/ Naz Delam

In this episode we are going to talk about the transition to go from a hands-on individual contributor to a manager position.

Naz Delam

Career Growth Hacks w/ Yulia Arellano

We are talking to Yulia Arellano, who is a professional career coach as well as a mentor on MentorCruise and doing professional development and professional coaching full-time. She will tell us a little bit more about what we can do in our careers to make sure we do not get stuck; or if we are already feeling stuck, what we can do to get out of it.

Breaking into big tech w/ Dylan Israel

Big tech is as booming as ever, and it does not look like it is slowing down anytime soon. Even during the COVID pandemic, the FAANG companies, that is Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google with Microsoft being an honorary member, have grown their revenue by 50% during that year. And even while every other business was shutting down, they were hiring fast.

Dylan Israel

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